What Are These Stones?

What Are These Stones?
by Pat McIntosh

In Joshua 4:19-24 we find an interesting scene involving the laying of twelve stones to commemorate the great event of the crossing of the Jordan River. In that text it is indicated that the purpose of the memorial of stones is for future generations. That generation crossing the Jordan would give way to future generations and those generations needed to know what had transpired for God’s people to have the privilege of crossing into the land that God had promised them in the days of Abraham.

For a few moments, let us realize the importance of leaving something for future generations. As members of the Lord’s church, we must take into account that the things we know and enjoy today are not just for our generation; they must be passed on to future generations. Our children and grandchildren need to know what we have experienced in our lives, especially as it relates to our heavenly hope.

Future generations need to be taught God’s word. We live in a sinful world, with many things vying for the attention of our children and grandchildren. They need to be taught God’s word as it relates to all facets of life. If we do not, the world will teach them something, and we can rest assured it is something we don’t want them to know.

Future generations need to know about the church and what it took for it to be established. There are many prophecies that have been fulfilled, showing God’s role in its establishment. The New Testament speaks of its establishment and growth. Again, God’s providential role is clearly seen.

What about those future generations? Who will take them the gospel? What will be the condition of the church regarding those who come after us? Who will teach them if we don’t? May we be those who teach those who follow us, allowing God’s providential to continue for those generations.

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