The Cause of Confusion

The Cause of Confusion
Pat McIntosh

If the Bible is the only source of authority in religious matters, why are there so many groups with differing doctrinal practices? Why is there such confusion in the religious world? Well, to borrow a phrase from the movie Cool Hand Luke, “What we have here is a failure to communicate.

There are three key elements in communication: the source, the message and the receiver. As it relates to religious matters God is the source, the Bible is the message and man is the recipient. The religious confusion of today shows clearly that there has been a breakdown in communication. There are numerous differences in what is bring practiced and taught today and that which characterized the first century church.

If there is a breakdown in communication, it has to be in one of these three areas. We can quickly dismiss the source and the message as the cause. The nature of God (deity) and the message (inspired) clearly shows that any fault cannot lie in those two pieces of the puzzle. Therefore, we are left to the final piece, the recipient or man.

This is the only option left. Men misinterpret or misuse the Scriptures. We are not necessarily talking about that which is done purposefully, though that may well be the case. Here, we are simply saying that communication has broken down because man, for whatever reason, is misapplying the Scriptures.

If two men are getting “different messages” from the Scripture there are two basic realities. These are that they are both wrong, only one is wrong. Both cannot be right.

We must agree that the fault of division and misinterpretation is not the fault of God. We must agree that such is not because the message is flawed. The problem is that man has erred in his approach. May we strive to ensure that communication is successful as souls depend on the outcome.


Sunday A.M. Sermon – The Cause of Confusion

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