Craving by Pat McIntosh We are all familiar with the sensation. It was always one of your favorite foods. But, you have not had it in some time. Maybe it was a favorite dish that your mother used to prepare. … Continue reading


Self-Control by Pat McIntosh     I stomped on my own toes even writing this article. There are areas of each of our lives in which we struggle with self-control. This may involve our eating, recreation, speech or any other … Continue reading

Godly Sorrow

Godly Sorrow by Pat McIntosh We often hear someone say, “I am sorry.” However, at times we wonder if they are truly sorry for what they have done or sorry that they have been caught. The proper kind of sorrow, … Continue reading

The Beattitudes

The Beatitudes by Pat McIntosh Of the many “faces” that Jesus wore in His ministry, one which greatly impacted society was as a Master Teacher. The Sermon on the Mount is still considered one of the classic sermons and dealt … Continue reading