Where Are The Dead?

Where are the Dead? by Pat McIntosh This question is met with confusion, numerous other questions and often disagreement between parties discussing it. One reason this is so is because of the complicated nature of the topic of “the afterlife.” … Continue reading


Blindness by Pat McIntosh Blindness is something you have to experience to truly empathize with others. I have known those who are blind, and their life was a struggle. Even the most basic things for us became very difficult for … Continue reading

Don’t Worry

Don’t Worry by Pat McIntosh There are many commonalities among men, and one of the most difficult is that of worry. Each of us worry about something in life to one degree or another. Do we have enough money to … Continue reading


Peacemakers by Pat McIntosh We indeed live in a world of turmoil. But, if historical precedence is any indicator, that is not going to change. As long as there are those who are capable of taking things away from weaker … Continue reading


Craving by Pat McIntosh We are all familiar with the sensation. It was always one of your favorite foods. But, you have not had it in some time. Maybe it was a favorite dish that your mother used to prepare. … Continue reading


Self-Control by Pat McIntosh     I stomped on my own toes even writing this article. There are areas of each of our lives in which we struggle with self-control. This may involve our eating, recreation, speech or any other … Continue reading